1. These terms and conditions define the relationship between the customers of our products ("the customer") and Locatemy.pet, Inc ("the provider"). They define the terms under which the service is used and the conditions the customer accepts when purchasing the product and registering for the service.
  2. Locatemy.pet is an aid to help reuinite lost pets with their owners. It does not guarantee their safe return home not does it provide a service for transportation or relocation of lost pets.
  3. You are using the product and services of locatemy.pet as is. The provider will update the service according to its own development roadplan.
  4. Locatemy.pet is not responsible for any damages its users encounter as a result of the use of its product.
  5. The provider can not be held responsible or liable for cases, when the finder of a pet is not able to use the product as a result of the lack of knowledge on their side.
  6. The provider enures the product, delivered to the customer is defect free, fulfills all required legislative criteria and can be used according to these terms and conditions.
  7. The provider will provide, free of charge, support for the customer for a period no shorter that 24 months from purchase of the product.
  8. During this time the provider will ensure the product is registered in the database and will provide, free of charge to the customer, the service of animal location.
  9. During this time the provider will mantain a working web portal on this website that will enable location of lost pets.