How big is the tag?

The tag weighs only 8 grams (under 0.3 ounces) and has a diameter of 25 mm (under 1 inch). With its small footprint it does not impede your pet while exploring the great outdoors.

Why is different then other tags?

Our tags are made to last and have been rigorously tested to withstand the roughest conditions. Unlike standard tags they enable automatic dialing using NFC which is simple and fast. Regardless of the technology inside them they are light and small. We think it is about time pet ID's are updated from engraved bone and paw shaped metal plates to the 21st century and use the technology advances we have. And it is fancier too! :)

Is it suitable for cats?

If your cat is used to wearing a collar, it sure is. Its size makes it suitable for dogs, cats ... a friend of ours even tried putting it on his ferret.

Will people that find my pet know how to use

We are doing everything in our power to educate people about the existence of our product. We are educating over social networks and our website. We believe we've made the instructions simple and straightforward. If you want to check them out, see them here.

Is there a subscription fee associated with

No. There is no service or subscription fee associated with You buy the tag, attach it to the collar and rest in peace. Once in our database we will provide support as long as we are in business. And we plan to do so for a long, long time. :)

Does it work in my country?

NFC is a worldwide standard so NFC support is global. So you can rest safe. It will work. All over the world. As long as you can send and recieve phone calls, we'll be able to make a call when needed.

Does it support all mobile phones?

With two means of identification the tag supports all mobile phones. Those with NFC capability will utilize "the tap to call" functionality, while others will use our simple online form to assure your pet always gets reunited with you.

What if I loose my tag?

The tags are made from zinc alloy, making them them durable enough to handle even the most demanding environments. They have been tested on active dogs that love water, digging and tight spaces. We have yet to find a case where the tag would have detach itself from the dog collar. In the unlikely event this would occur, we can not offer you a replacement tag.

Are there any other products in the pipeline?

Our goal is to develop a whole line of products. The first one which is just around the corner is a dog collar with an integrated NFC chip in it. We are right now testing a pre-production neoprene version. And it looks promising.