Proud to introduce our level 2 product

We always knew the tag is just the start in our line of products. So we started working on our level 2 product right away. We had to find the right NTAG213 chip, the right materials and above all the right manufacturer to ensure the product came out, like we wanted to. So here it is ... the collar:

It comes in three colors and 5 sizes. It offers NFC tap and call and unique ID for online recognition. In one compact product. And it is available in our store right now.

Why trust a startup with a new solution over established kennel clubs?

For sure dog tags are nothing new. They've been around for ages. Probably as long as men have domesticated animals. But the problem with them is, they've always been the same. A piece of metal or plastic, hung around a pet's neck. The only true adaptation and advance in the last decades has been, that some kennel clubs have started keeping owner records in the background ... just in case. With some online access to this data available for the public but mostly in a cumbersome and desktop-centric way. But the primary principle of the tag remains - a phone number on a piece of metal.

However times have change. We've moved to become a mobile society. With powerful handheld devices in our pocket every minute of the day. So making lost pet identification adapt to this new environment was a must. And this is where we came in.

But why trust us? Mainly, because we are pet lovers like yourself and have built this product out of love for our animals and need for a better way of taking care of them, once they are lost. We have built the system with one goal in mind - to enable fast recovery of lost animals in a simplest and most affordable way. We use the power of mobile phones, hence providing tap and call for all supported phones, as well as a responsive website for pet recovery through your unique ID. It is all adapted for speed and efficiency. On the go.

And we made sure we kept the cost for you low as well. So we set the price at just a one time fee of €9,99, which is about $11. No maintenance fee. No service fee. No annual fees thereafter. You'll be supported. No questions asked. And this is a fraction of the cost of similar services offered by kennel clubs. Take AKC for instance. You first need to register your pet via microchip ID for $17,95 and then get a discounted stainless steel tag for $9,95. A total cost of over $26, with just a piece of metal to hang around your pet's neck. And it only works in the US and Canada. So what happens when you travel abroad? Similar plastic NFC enabled tags like PetLinc cost up to $35! This is highway robbery!

We are confident our product is the right choice for responsible pet owners all over the world. And we are convinced you do too.

Does it work with [FILL IN THE BLANK]?

We're getting loads of questions about whether our tag works with your specific phone. As we've pointed out many times, if it has NFC, it does. But does it really? So we took on a challenge. Found 4 phones laying around the office and gave it a go. One shot, no editing ... from beginning to end. From ancient Androids, to state of the art Galaxy S7's. See it for yourself. It works!