We bring your pets
safely back home is pet ID brought into the 21st century
 is not just a dog tag but a piece of technology helping you find your pet fast and bringing her safely back home. Using advanced NFC technology it is simple and efficient and gives you a peace of mind when love comes knocking and her genes kick in come spring time or when she just feels like it an goes for a walk on her own. Unlike GPS tracking systems will not cause you additional problems with charging it as it requires no electricity to run. Just hang it on your pet's collar, and forget about it. After all that is what having pets is all about. About you spending quality time with them.


Introducing the advanced integrated collar


How about integrating the capability of revolutionary NFC and online recognition in a high-quality, durable and affordable collar? Challenge accepted!

After months of development, we're proud to introduce to you the collar


Your pet is just one tap away

NFC is a type of Radio Frequency identification (RFID) that can be read by most mobile phones. It requires no batteries to run so it is virtually timeless. The tag is programmed with your phone number and when tapped with a phone, a small inductive charge wakes up the tag and relays information to the phone. In the case of tags that information is the owner's phone number. And most phones are able to read tags and also initiate calls.

You van find a comprehensive list of mobile phones that have NFC capability at NFC World.

Unique ID for non NFC supported phones

The back side of features a unique ID to be used when finders use an older mobile phone that does not support NFC. All they need to do is scan the QR code, enter the unique ID into our system, provide their mobile phone, and we will notify you via SMS. It's that simple!